National Capital Region Cycling Bursary

Bursary Recipients

The National Capital Region Cycling bursary has granted a total of $46,800 since 2000, all of which has been paid directly to the development of local athletes.


  • Timothy Austen $1000
  • Derek Gee $2000
  • Ariane Bonhomme $2000
  • Ellen Watters $1000 mid-season award


  • Connor Byway $1000
  • Emily Flynn$1000
  • Derek Gee $1000
  • Conor O’Brien $1000


  • Michael Woods $1500
  • Emily Flynn $750
  • Braydon Bourne $750


  • Ariane Bonhomme $1500
  • Evan McNeely $1500
  • Conor O’Brien $1000


  • Jamie Riggs$1400
  • Kiernan Orange $900
  • Nina Nesdoly $500


  • Matteo Dal-Cin $1200
  • Brian Trafford $1200
  • Maxime Leboeuf $500


  • Keir Plaice $1200
  • Alex Cataford $900
  • Florence Laplante $400


  • Thomas Devisscher $1200
  • Matteo Dal-Cin $1200


  • Ryan Atkins $1200
  • Jamie Riggs $1200


  • Sandy Fulton $1800
  • Thomas Devisscher $1200
  • Antoine Gauthier $200


  • Sarah Coney $1500
  • Shawn Clarke $1000
  • Philippe Boisvert $700


  • Brooke Boocock $1200
  • Dale Beaton $800
  • Jennifer Stephenson $700
  • Kate Scallion $600


  • Glen Rendall $1000
  • Jean-Sebastien Perron $1000
  • Robert Gustavsson $400 + $400 product from Full Cycle


  • Joel Cote-Cright $800
  • Charlie Gorman $400
  • Alexey Ivanov $400


  • Alan Reain $1000
  • Lynn Wolfson $500


  • Colin Burn $1000


  • Marc Andre Salois $600

Where does the money come from

The largest contributors to the bursary are the Cyclery - Tour de France pool, Ride with Rendall – mid week Gatineau Park A-loop spirited training event, and the OCA.  These are followed by the OBC, Criterium Series participants, generous individuals, and seasonally various cycling clubs.  Without this annual support the bursary would not survive.


The National Capital Region has developed a successful and sustainable set of sports events to accommodate local athletes. However, in order to progress at any sport the athlete must leave the local area and attend events that attract a greater talent pool. At the highest level these events are both National and International. The purpose of the NCR Cycling Bursary is to financially assist top local athletes to attend these events. Past recipients have used the funds to attend Canada Cup mountain bike races in B.C. or self funded National Team training camps and projects both in the United States and Europe.


In 1999 Seenite Sports was inspired at the annual "Bikers Bash" after an espoir athlete organized a 50/50 draw to help support his efforts to race in Europe. During that winter Seenite Sports formed a bursary to help support the top ranked espoir athlete from the National Capital Region. With a financial commitment from Full Cycle and Seenite Sports criterium series the year 2000 bursary totalled $600. The recipient, Marc Andre Salois used the funds to assist with a self-funded National Team project in Europe. During the fall of 2000 we approached the Ottawa Bicycle Club in regards to contributing to the bursary. The board of directors agreed to fund $400.00 bringing the amount of the 2001 bursary to $1000.00. The recipient of the second bursary was Colin Burn who used the funds to help support a season of competition in France that was successful enough for him to be invited back with a French team for a second year. The success of the bursary is reflected by the generous contributions of individuals and several local clubs and cycle shops. In 2004, the bursary was expanded to include a broader age range of athletes, however priority will be given to espoir-aged applications.

How to Apply?

The Bursary is open to all CCA licensed athletes from the National Capital Region. We place emphasis on applications from espoir athletes however we will consider both younger and older athletes. Application for the bursary should include the following information:

  • Name, Address, Phone, Date of Birth, Club, and Coach.
  • An outline of goals for the upcoming year and beyond, including major events you hope to attend and training camps that are located outside the National Capital Region.
  • A list of results separated by both year and discipline if the candidate competes in road, mountain, track and cyclo-cross.
  • A statement about how a bursary would be used.

Applications should be sent to

Who Decides?

Seenite Sports coordinates a committee that ranks the potential recipients based on their resume and requests for follow up information. Before an announcement is made Seenite Sports presents the committee’s recommendation to the major financial contributors for their comments. When all parties agree, the recipients are then informed before the release of a public announcement.

If I win, am I required to do anything?

A successful candidate is required to thank in person the business and in writing to the sports organizations that contribute to the bursary. Since we have numerous individual contributions that range from $5 - $200 Seenite Sports will provide a successful candidate with contact information.

Who contributes to the Bursary?

The following organizations, businesses and individuals have contributed to the bursary at some time.  We thank each of you for being so generous.  If you have donated and I have missed your name then please let me know:

  • Ontario Cycling Association
  • The Cyclery – Tour de France Pool
  • MEC Summer Century Ride
  • Ride with Rendall – Tuesday night A-loop in the Park
  • Ottawa Bicycle Club
  • Seenite Sports
  • Cycle Logik
  • Full Cycle
  • cycling team
  • Bike Race Ottawa
  • Jeff Avn
  • Doug Beckett
  • Micheal Bennett
  • David Bilenkey
  • Gaetan Boulanger
  • Rick Bourgeault
  • Charles Bowgie
  • Greg Brown
  • Avery Burdett
  • Vince Caceres
  • Brian Ciazynski
  • Jason Cheney
  • Paul Cheney
  • Francis Clark
  • Dan Coldrey
  • Darren Cope
  • Peter Conn
  • Gilles Cordier
  • Logan Cornel
  • Herman Cornel
  • Greg Crevier
  • Greg Christie 
  • Michel Cyr
  • Stefan Czaban
  • Stephen Daniels
  • Adrian Das
  • Rodrigo Diaz
  • Michael DeKelver
  • Chris Dodson
  • Jean-Louis Dorego
  • Adam Eikenberry
  • Robert Edmonstone
  • John Fee
  • James Ferguson
  • Ian Fraser
  • Jeffrey Furry
  • Francois Gaudreau
  • Christian Gigault
  • Brian Gormely
  • Darrin Grace
  • David Hall
  • Detlef Hess
  • Jay Heins
  • Paul Heffler
  • Greg Hill
  • Bill Hurley
  • Giorgio Imbrogno
  • Neil Johnson
  • Joel Katz
  • Rob Kerr
  • Bruce Ketchum
  • Meylina Kandoy
  • Andrew Kruger
  • Jean-Pierre Lefebvre
  • Guy Lacroix
  • Marc Lapointe
  • Alison Lampi
  • Tyler Lawlor
  • Tom Leroux
  • Eric Larsen
  • Pierre LeBlanc
  • Tom Leroux
  • Hans Loeffelholz
  • Warren MacDonald
  • Andrew McRae
  • Jamie McManus
  • Derek Medland
  • Peter Meier
  • Brad Martel
  • Laurent Martel
  • Terrence Martineau
  • Peter Metuzals
  • Andrew Milne
  • Frank Morris
  • Gary Monette
  • Chris Mullington
  • Harry Musson
  • Dave Munden
  • Michael Nash
  • Kevin Nelson
  • Chris North
  • Paul O'Blenes and Amanda Shaw
  • Ryan Ogston
  • Todd Olynick
  • Robert Orange
  • Erwan Peres
  • Peter Plaunt
  • Aris Polyzos
  • Anthony Prior
  • Dr. Duane Smith (Westboro Chiropractic)
  • Glen Rendall
  • Greg Reain
  • Mark Roundell
  • Peter Schuck
  • Alistair Scott
  • Paul Smeulders
  • Duane Smith
  • Tricia Spooner
  • Tom Stevens
  • Dave Sugden
  • Rick Sudac
  • Beniot Tessier
  • Vicki Thomas & Mark Boudreau
  • George Toffolo
  • Matt Tolouse
  • Peter Tregunno
  • Patrick Tremblay
  • Phillip Vermette
  • Yariv Wolfe
  • Chris Wrona
  • Eric Wright
  • Adrian Wong
  • John Zahab
  • Velocity Cycling Team
  • Numerous individuals that contribute between $5 and $20 at the mid-week critierium

How can I contribute to the Bursary?

Contributions to the bursary are welcomed at the Tuesday night criterium series held at the NRC or by contacting National Capital Region Cycling ( or Ross Knight:

Ross Knight
259 Atlantis Ave.
Ottawa, Ontario,
K2A 1X7
722-1472 (H)
992-5662 (W)