Tuesday Night Crits

The Tuesday Night Crits are back for 2018! We'll begin events at the Gatineau Airport for May 22, then June 5 and June 19. Races might continue at this location for another few weeks, depending on the status of other potential locations on the Ottawa side of the river. Two races happening per night: B's first, then A's, every second week. First race goes at 6:00 pm for 45 minutes, then 15 minute break, second race start 7:00 pm for 60 minutes. Entry form is available here. Check our Facebook page for updates and discussions.


  • May 22 - "B" and "A" race
  • June 5 - "B" and "A" race
  • June 19 - "B" and "A" race
  • Future dates and locations TBD


  • Friday, June 1: W ran out of light by the end of the last race on May 22. So we’re going to move up the start times for the B crit to 6:00 pm and A crit to 7:00 pm
  • Sunday, May 20: Registration form is ready-to-go and is available here. A clarification for ONT citizen permits, they are OK to use for Quebec training races.
  • Thursday, May 17: First training event for next Tuesday, May 22 is lining up. Some notes:
    • Registration: Still working on the online form, so it's coming ASAP. Keep an eye here for its release.
    • Fees: $20per/ $40 for all three. Ideal for us if you pay for all three, it's a pain to collect cash each time.
    • Volunteers: we'll need only 2-3 to help out on this course, please let us know if you're available. 
    • B-crit: 6:30pm start, 45min event, 15min break between events. NO A riders allowed under any circumstances NO exceptions. We may ask a couple of A riders to assist in the B crit with our permission. If you are a qualified A rider that would like to volunteer assisting in the B crit to please email Vince Caceres thecyclery@rogers.com first for approval. DO NOT expect approval at the crit.
    • A-crit: 7:30pm start, 60min event. 10min rule will apply like last year; you're dropped in that time you're out. See Rules for more info about getting back in.
    • ONT citizen permits: we're still waiting for clarification from FQSC as to whether ONT citizen permits are accepted. We've set a Saturday deadline for NO unless if we don't hear back from the organization. UCI licenses and FQSC citizen permits are all ok.