Rules and Guidelines

The rules and guidelines have been updated for 2019 for the Tuesday night race series. Please read carefully:

  • Proof of license or citizens permit and payment is mandatory prior to entering the event.

  • Riders may only sign up for either A or B series. Approved A level riders designated as trainers or helpers by the organizers will be permitted to ride in the B series only. ***As per race series tradition with the respected previous organizer, we will continue to allow women and junior riders to compete in both series***

  • All UCI regulations pertaining to racing and equipment will be respected.

  • Dangerous riding or abuse to other riders deemed by the organizers will result in an immediate suspension for a time period or entire series.

  • Upgrade or downgrades within the series will be determined by the organizers. This will be based on riders’ skill, fitness, and experience. Organizers decisions are final.

  • Riders must request an upgrade prior to the next series event; no day of requests will be considered.

  • Riders must be 15 and older. Racers 14 and younger should consider doing the Cuisse Or de l'Outaouais series.


  • This level is intended for experienced riders that are comfortable at high speed in tight groups.

  • Riders dropped in the first 10min of the race will not be allowed re-entry unless given specific permission by the organizer of that day’s event.

  • Riders dropped more than 2 times during the race will not be allowed to re-enter unless given specific permission by the organizer of that day’s event.

  • A rider will NOT be allowed to participate in the B-series for any reason unless designated as a trainer or helper by the organizers.


  • This series is intended for riders looking to learn and improve their pack and racing skills in a safe yet challenging environment.

  • Riders that are dropped from a group must present themselves back to the organizer who will instruct their re-integration into the pack safely.

  • It is intended that this pack will split up with varying fitness levels and any lapping riders must call out their line. Lapped riders must give way for safe passage.

  • All riders participating in this series must respect the designated helpers, as they are there to ensure safety for all riders.

Questions and feedback

If you have any questions or feedback about these rules and regulations, please contact the event organizers at