How much does it cost?

  • $20 per race or $50 for Events 1-3 & $50 for Events 4-6*

  • Cadet 15-16 & Junior 17-18 $10 per race or $25 for Events 1-3 & $25 for Events 4-6*

  • One event out of town - Free

  • National Team Member or Carded Athlete - Free

* Note: You cannot transfer any payment from Events 1-3 into Events 4-6 if you missed a race.

Do I need a race license?

The criteriums are Citizen Sanctioned through the Ontario Cycling Association. As such all participants must hold either a UCI/CCA License issued in any Province or an OCA Citizen Permit. Quebec Citizen Permits are NOT PERMITTED and riders will be turned away! A Citizen Permit can be purchased from the OCA at the following web site

Memberships are purchased online through CCN Bikes.

Why do I need to volunteer?

The Tuesday Night Crits happen on roads are that are open to motor vehicle traffic. For safety and event security, we ask for volunteers to marshal and direct traffic at corners and parking lots around the course. We are counting on your help to keep our events safe. You will be asked to select your volunteer night during the registration process. The expectation is that you volunteer for either an A or B event.

What if I’m new to this racing thing?

If you are inexperienced with pack riding, it is highly recommended that you participate in an advanced skills clinic. The field size usually ranges from 30-40 athletes. If you are dropped you are allowed to jump back in at a designated stretch of the road. All instructions are given prior to the event. If you are nervous come out and watch a race or ride just the first few laps. Spectators are always welcome.

The B-event speeds are controlled by the event organizer and vary depending on the people that show for each event. The first half of the event may have speeds as low as 30-35 kph. Near the end of the event speeds approach 40-45km/h with the occasional 48-50+ km/h. Ages at a B-event range from 15 - 65 years.

Most of the participants of the A-race are licensed or have raced in the past. These events are very fast. If you are strong and/or winning the B-races you can usually finish an A-race.

Can I race with my aerobars?

No. Aerobars must be removed for the event.