Seenite Sports was formed in 1994 in order to manage a (seasonal) weekly competitive training event that has operated at various locations in Ottawa on a continuous basis for more than forty years. For the past 31 years this event has been hosted on the National Research Council campus at Blair Road, Ottawa.

Ross Knight, Seenite Sports racing organizer for 23 seasons.

Ross Knight, Seenite Sports racing organizer for 23 seasons.

Seenite Sports is dedicated to cycling through quality coaching and the management of quality, affordable athletic events. Seenite Sports is solely for the athlete and transcends the bounds of regular clubs. Seenite Sports has raised a total of $40,800 for the National Capital Region Cycling bursary, all of which has been paid directly to the development of local athletes. In that sense it is a unique cycling organization in Ontario and adheres to the Government of Ontario's "Strategy for Amateur Sport in Ontario" by providing the following contributions.

Mission Statement

Providing a safe environment for the pursuit of athletics

Through a strong relationship with the management and security of the NRC (Blair Road Complex) we provide a safe venue, free of traffic, gravel, pot holes and pedestrians for athletes to participate in their pursuit of a cycling excellence. We adhere to an Emergency Action Plan and seek education in cycling related topics. We provide safety pylons, accident warning horns, activity caution signs and active traffic control during the event.

Providing an opportunity for youth to develop positive inter-relational skills

The events are based on ability and not age thus young athletes are included in athletic based peer groups. Through positive interaction with adults, young athletes develop self discipline, dependability, and a sense of fair play within the pursuit of physical fitness. In order to increase a feeling of financial independence in their pursuit of excellence there is no fee for athletes aged 16 and under, however they must have a UCI/CCA license or an OCA Citizen Permit.

Encouraging equal opportunity and access to athletics

Because our events are not based on sex, both male and female athletes participate within ability based peer groups. In order for athletes of all abilities the speed of the B-event is strictly controlled. This allows all athletes to complete about 20 - 30 minutes of riding corners in a group situation. Separating athletes by ability and running the two events on alternate weeks, and encouraging conversation within the B-event, provides an environment for the development of strong peer groups free from harassment and intimidation.

Providing initiatives in reducing athletic injuries

Ongoing initiatives include weekly sweeping the course of any debris that may result in an accident and warning all participants of any potential hazardous sections. Seenite Sports also provides consultation in stretching, recovery, relaxation and how to deal with typical cycling related injuries. Many participants are in the health care industry and provide peer consultation.

Developing cycling related skills

Safe cycling techniques for both competitive and non-competitive athletes of all ages and sex are the backbone of the curriculum. Skill development is an integral part of weekly training events.

Providing effective leadership

Seenite Sports (Ross Knight) is a certified NCCP coach and has participated in numerous conferences and workshops dedicated to the leadership of athletes towards fulfilling their goals. The organization is professionally run with a sense of pride that in stills confidence in the participating athletes. This is demonstrated by our immense success as measured through increased participation.

Strengthening the social fabric of the Municipality and Country

By encouraging athletes of all ages, ability, sex and language to participate in a weekly event that transcends the bounds of regular clubs we have increased the number of total participants by more than four times over the last 10 years. Athletes from various Provinces, Communities, and related sports (cross-country skiing, triathlon, speed skating, in-line skating, running etc.) that rarely communicated hopefully now part of an ability based peer group where all are equal.

Contributing to the economy of the community

Our weekly events consist of licensed and unlicensed athletes. On average a licensed participant is a dedicated athlete that has invested more than $5000 into cycling related equipment and often another $2000 into off season related sports. The average unlicensed participant is developing athlete that has invested about $3000 into cycling related equipment and often another $2000 or more into off season related sports. From 2010 to 2012 just over 3000 individual athletes participated in at least one event.  Athletes that attend this weekly event account for well over $10,000,000 in cycling and sport related sales. Each year we have about a 1/5 turn over in participants thus the economic value of this event to local retail is considerable.