Tuesday Night Crits

HEY, looks like we have a crit series for 2019! Registration form is ready to be filled out. Keep an eye out on this page and our Facebook page for updates and discussions. Try and complete registration the by the day before your event; if you register on the day, please bring your confirmation email. There is no day of registration on site this year!

Like last year, we’re planning two races happening per night: B's first, then A's. Please note the change in times from last year! Please note that race length and start time may vary in August due to daylight. This route is not a closed facility and there will be traffic. You will receive instructions on the night of each event about how to proceed.

  • The B race starts at 6:30 pm and will run for ~45 minutes + 3 laps, then 15 minute break.

  • The A race starts 7:30 pm for ~60 minutes + 5 laps.

Dates for events are:

  • June 25th

  • July 9th

  • July 23rd

  • August 6th

  • August 20th

  • September 3rd

Updated June 22, 2019.